Crafty Chords

Each point on the periphery of the circle is a craft form in India. The connecting chords represent a common tool or raw material.

The implications are great. If there is sufficient number of tools common between two crafts, an artisan can easily diversify to other craft forms. 

The mapping is done on the basis of data mined from IDC, Bombay's extensive collection of the tools and raw materials of the art forms of India. 


Mapping & Visualization

Map of the varied craft forms of India. Individual pies mark the city, the size is the number of artisans, and the angles represent the different craft forms practiced in that location. 

The map is based on data collected from the Ministry of Handicrafts Artisan ID information database on their website.

Crafting A Country

What's the Catch?

This map was generated while working on a grant project for the Office of Sustainability.

The Project looks at Sustainable Seafood Sourcing, and uses Harvard's Dining Services as a Living Lab to determine how large scale consumers can make better decisions while sourcing seafood. 

The map traces the seafood suppliers to New England, globally and the various species that they supply.  

The data has been mined from, which is the most up-to-date list of fish suppliers for North America.